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Larry's Thule, Greenland Site

Arctic Sunset
On the rocky coast at the edge of the ice cap in northwest Greenland sits Thule Air Base. I was stationed there as the base Telecommunications Officer from July 1967 to June 1968. Click here for some surprising pictures and stories from this mysterious, wild and beautiful Arctic region.

Larry's Greenland Picture Book is for entertainment only. Do not use this site for present day planning information. I was assigned to 1983rd Communications Squadron (AFCS) from July 1967 to June 1968. The stories of my Thule AB and Greenland experiences described in this web site are from my memory and letters. Pictures of Thule AB, Greenland landscape, Inuits, and ice cap are from my Greenland scrap book. All arctic weather statistics are from memory or are documented in official Air Force manuals, or newspapers and magazines reporting on actual Greenland events. Contact with Inuits and Greenlanders was done through Thule AB or Danish offices and were in accordance with Greenland rules. Fees paid for dogsled trips were in accordance with Greenland and Danish rules.

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