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My name is Lawrence Rodrigues but please call me Larry. When I was a little kid (born 1933) living on an almond ranch in Antioch, California, one of my favorite books was "Little America" by Admiral Richard E. Byrd, the polar explorer. I studied the many pictures over and over, dreaming of doing what he did. Well, my dreams came true about going to the Arctic to explore -- and I didn't have to endure the hardships that Byrd did.

Larry Rodrigues at Thule, Greenland

As far as the exploration went, what I saw was new only to me. The Arctic territory I covered was already well traveled by real explorers much earlier. But I did get to see their mark and travel in their tracks. That was really exciting.

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My year in the Arctic was very comfortable and enjoyable, thanks to the U. S. Air Force. Because of the extreme weather conditions and hazards there, a special kind of comradeship developed between most people. My circle of friends included Danish and Americans with similar interests in exploring the awesome raw natural beauty of the area. I am very grateful for the special circumstances that made that year possible for me to live my childhood dreams.

I have had my boxes of Greenland pictures since 1968 and really wanted to share them with any others who were interested in them. This fantastic Internet and the world wide web has made that possible now. I hope you found my pictures interesting and enjoyed the electronic trip.

I am now retired from my 20 years in the military and also 18 years of teaching electronics at a community college in Sacramento, California. I am very much enjoying life still and am very active exploring the electronic virtual world on the web from the comfort of my home in Sacramento. The main hazards for this type exploration are corrupted files, a shortage of RAM, and sudden power outages. These things I am willing to endure because this type exploration is so fantastically interesting and is never ending.

Someday I may not respond to my e-mail and the search parties may find only the skeletal remains of me at my computer. Should that happen, maybe this site and my other web sites will be a monument to my explorations into the cyber world. I would be delighted to hear your comments and where you are now. I would especially like to be contacted by anyone now stationed at Thule Air Base.

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