Mike Sullivan's Arctic Adventure


I received the following from Michael Sullivan December 15, 2007:

My name is Mike Sullivan and I was stationed in Camp Tuto for 6 months in 1960. I read your article with great interest and may be able to give you an idea of how things changed between 1960 and 1968. I was in S-4 and we loaded the swings, 5 and 10 ton sleds that were used to transport all supplies, except fuel. to Site 2 and Camp Century. Camp Century was the experimental city under the ice which was ultimately powered by a nuclear reactor. I was in charge of one of the teams which unloaded the reactor from trucks, on the ramp road, and loaded it onto the sleds.

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In 1960 there were 12 Danish families in the village across the bay from Thule and it was off limits except for official business. We were not allowed to have any contact with the Inuit population due to common diseases that we had that would be fatal to them.

The average workday at Tuto was 14 hours long, 6 and half days a week. We were given Sunday mornings off to attend church or get some extra sleep.

I was there for the visit by the King, Queen and Crown Princess, now Queen of Denmark. Enough for now. I really enjoyed your pictures.

Mike Sullivan
SFC USA Retired

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